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This interpretation of the humble honey bee is the first artwork I designed after experiencing a shift in consciousness/spiritual awakening. If this has happened to you i'm sure that you will agree it is a life changing experience.

Remembering how to be mindful or practising presents (as Eckhart Tolle prefers to call it) is one of the first steps I took towards improving my health. Fortunately I was in the position to be completely immersed in nature and recovering on my family's walnut and blueberry farm at the time.

Camden Green; humble beginnings (1990).

I was so spoiled growing up there. My parents, Wil and Ian, bought the land when it was just paddocks of dirt. They built the garage first, we lived in that and a caravan while they raised us and worked on the land till it flourished into paradise.

Camden Green; a magical place (2018).

Ian and Wil decided to grow walnut trees and blueberry bushes. We had a garden full of delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruit trees galore. This all came into fruition while juggling full time jobs and raising three children; madness.

Paul Demson doing his thing (2019).

The farm hosted a few of my Uncle Paul's bee hives, which as well as my parents, contributed to the inspiration behind this piece. This incredible flying insect not only gives us delicious honey but of course pollinates our flowers and plants, helping us grow food; keeping us happy and healthy human beings.

Balance Bee (2020).

Dedicated to the amazing Wil Breukelaar and Ian Sheerin.

Bees help make the world a better place to live in. ‘Balance Bee’ has the world in her hands, she respects the balance of life, reminding us that every individual matters and makes a difference no matter the size.

So what are some of us already doing to help? Planting bee friendly flowers, buying local honey or even host a hive if you have a sunny spot in the garden. A massive thank you to all of the people who are supporting these beautiful creatures.


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