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Karma Kiwi (2020)

One year ago today New Zealand went into a nationwide lockdown because of Covid-19. We all experienced life in our bubbles different ways, separate, yet an overall feeling of connectedness has prevailed as we battle the lethal virus together.

The World Health Organization mentioned New Zealand as a country that has managed to contain the virus by enforcing a nation wide lockdown, extensive testing followed by contact tracing early on in the outbreak. While this call to action has certainly proven to be a positive thing to do, concerns about how to look after our mental health during times of uncertainty and isolation is serious matter.

Karma Kiwi bird is a representation of the psychological journey many of us have faced in times of uncertainty. She is calm, grounded and is being kind to herself. Taking the time to slow down, watch her thoughts and emotions. Cultivating love of self which will inevitably radiate out to help others.

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