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Dancing Tree Root - Kiss

I was able to complete Rejuvenate over the Easter weekend!!!

It's been a roller coaster of a time. I am incredibly grateful to the community for the wonderful support, the Hensman family, in particular Lynda and Phil Hensman who were amazingly supportive behind the scene. The assistant artists, builders and local workers were encouraging and made the experience that little bit more pleasurable.

The mural aims to inspire empathy and erase the stigma surrounding mental health issues. These messages are portrayed through the inspiration of Aotearoa’s unique taonga wildlife.

"Noah the Moa" is asking for reconnection, growth and gratitude. "Karma Kiwi" requests love and kindness and "Balance Bee" requires balance and nutrition.

Noah The Moa - 2022

An interpretation of our now-extinct flightless bird and a lost treasure; the moa. Noah the Moa aims to remind us to express gratitude for what we do have, before it's too late.

Karma Kiwi Taking Shape - Photograph taken by Larry Gronau Jr

Eye Detail

Karma Kiwi - 2022

Concerns about how to look after our mental health during times of uncertainty and isolation is of utmost importance since the Covid-19 pandemic swept across our planet. How do we look after ourselves and our loved ones? Karma Kiwi bird is a representation of this psychological journey. She is calm, grounded and is being kind to herself. Taking the time to slow down, watch her thoughts and emotions. Cultivating love of self which will inevitably radiate out to help others.

Backdrop - Abstract Expressionism

Hello There - Photograph taken by Barnaby Roderick

Balance Bee - 2022

This incredible flying insect not only gives us delicious honey but of course pollinates our flowers and plants, helping us grow food; keeping us happy and healthy human beings. She is happy, sets an example and has the world in her hands, respecting the balance of life and that every individual matters and makes a difference no matter the size.

Before - Athol Street Carpark - Photograph Taken By Phil Hensman

After - Rejuvenate Mural Is Complete

Connecting with nature is a proven way to improve our mental health; wellbeing of the environment and our own wellbeing are intertwined. Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata; When the land is well, we are well.

The Rejuvenate mural is being painted in recognition of The Key to Life Charitable Trust. Want to help young kiwi’s get free counselling support?

Tess Sheerin - Photograph taken by Libby Mitchell

Sponsors and supporters: Hensman MacDonald Ltd, The Ivy Box, Creative NZ, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Wakatipu Reforestation Trust, The Key To Life Charitable Trust, Canon, Resene, Kennards Hire, Chia Sisters, Hemp Farm NZ, Earth’s Kitchen, The Drawing Room, Flow State, Valka Yoga and Queenstown Arts Centre.


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