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equipoise #3 (2022)

I had the pleasure of chatting with artist Neil Dawson on Friday last week at his exhibition titled equipoise. The 76 year old artist came across as a very humble character, with a child like spark revealing his true passion for his creations.

Sydney Morning Herald in 1988 - Dawson taking a stroll

To my surprise gallerist Jonathan Smart kindly informed me that Neil has been creating these beautiful feathers since 1988.

Front gallery - installation view

The exhibition showcases 10 feathers which are really quite remarkable to experience all together.

Up Down, Down Up (2022)

The back gallery installation seen above is my favourite of the show. They most definitely give the viewer the illusion of lightness, as one would expect from a feather floating in space. The overall effect evokes a feeling of calmness.

While this exhibition has now finished, it can be viewed online here

Or if you are desperate to see a feather in the flesh The Central Gallery located in the Library Building at the Christchurch Arts Centre often has one or two on show.

Thanks for the inspiration Neil!!!

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